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Sanctions in the Church » Offenses and Penalties in General » Penalties and Other Punishments » Expiatory penalties
Canon 1338. §1 The expiatory penalties enumerated in can. 1336 never affect powers, offices, functions, rights, privileges, faculties, favours, titles or insignia, which are not within the control of the Superior who establishes the penalty.

§2 There can be no deprivation of the power of order, but only a prohibition against the exercise of it or of some of its acts; neither can there be a deprivation of academic degrees.

§3 The norm laid down for censures in can. 1335 §2 is to be observed in regard to the prohibitions mentioned in can. 1336 §3.

§4 Only those expiatory penalties enumerated as prohibitions in can. 1336 §3, or others that may perhaps be established by a law or precept, may be latae sententiae penalties.

§5 The prohibitions mentioned in can. 1336 §3 are never under pain of nullity.
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