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Sanctions in the Church » Delicts and Penalties in General » The Cessation of Penalties
Canon 1355. §1. Provided that the penalty has not been reserved to the Apostolic See, the following can remit an imposed or declared penalty established by law:

1. the ordinary who initiated the trial to impose or declare a penalty or who personally or through another imposed or declared it by decree;

2. the ordinary of the place where the offender is present, after the ordinary mentioned under n. 1 has been consulted unless this is impossible because of extraordinary circumstances.

§2. If the penalty has not been reserved to the Apostolic See, an ordinary can remit a latae sententiae penalty established by law but not yet declared for his subjects and those who are present in his territory or who committed the offense there; any bishop can also do this in the act of sacramental confession.
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