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Canon 833.The following are obliged personally to make a profession of faith according to the formula approved by the Apostolic See:

1. in the presence of the president or his delegate, all those who attend with either a deliberative or consultative vote an ecumenical or particular council, a synod of bishops, and a diocesan synod; the president, however, makes it in the presence of the council or synod;

2. those promoted to the cardinalatial dignity, according to the statutes of the sacred college;

3. in the presence of the one delegated by the Apostolic See, all those promoted to the episcopate as well as those who are equivalent to a diocesan bishop;

4. in the presence of the college of consultors, the diocesan administrator;

5. in the presence of the diocesan bishop or his delegate, vicars general, episcopal vicars, and judicial vicars;

6. in the presence of the local ordinary or his delegate and at the beginning of their function, pastors, the rector of a seminary, and teachers of theology and philosophy in seminaries; those to be promoted to the order of the diaconate;

7. in the presence of the grand chancellor or, in his absence, in the presence of the local ordinary or their delegates, the rector of an ecclesiastical or Catholic university, when the rector’s function begins; in the presence of the rector if he is a priest or in the presence of the local ordinary or their delegates, teachers in any universities whatsoever who teach disciplines pertaining to faith or morals, when they begin their function;

8. Superiors in clerical religious institutes and societies of apostolic life, according to the norm of the constitutions.

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