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The Sanctifying Function of the Church » The Sacraments » The Most Holy Eucharist » The eucharistic celebration » The rites and ceremonies of the eucharistic celebration
Canon 927. It is absolutely wrong, even in urgent and extreme necessity, to consecrate one element without the other, or even to consecrate both outside the eucharistic celebration.

Nefas est, urgente etiam extrema necessitate, alteram materiam sine altera, aut etiam utramque extra eucharisticam celebrationem, consecrare.
The Sanctifying Function of the Church » The Sacraments » The Sacrament of Penance » The minister of the sacrament of penance
Canon 983. §1 The sacramental seal is inviolable. Accordingly, it is absolutely wrong for a confessor in any way to betray the penitent, for any reason whatsoever, whether by word or in any other fashion.

§2 An interpreter, if there is one, is also obliged to observe this secret, as are all others who in any way whatever have come to a knowledge of sins from a confession.

§1. Sacramentale sigillum inviolabile est; quare nefas est confessario verbis vel alio quovis modo et quavis de causa aliquatenus prodere paenitentem.

§2. Obligatione secretum servandi tenentur quoque interpres, si detur, necnon omnes alii ad quos ex confessione notitia peccatorum quoquo modo pervenerit.
The Sanctifying Function of the Church » The Sacraments » Orders » Those to be ordained » Requirements in those to be ordained
Canon 1026. For a person to be ordained, he must enjoy the requisite freedom. It is absolutely wrong to compel anyone, in any way or for any reason whatsoever, to receive orders, or to turn away from orders anyone who is canonically suitable.

Ut quis ordinetur debita libertate gaudeat oportet; nefas est quemquam, quovis modo, ob quamlibet causam ad ordines recipiendos cogere, vel canonice idoneum ab iisdem recipiendis avertere.
The Sanctifying Function of the Church » Other Acts of Divine Worship » The Veneration of the Saints, Sacred Images, and Relics
Canon 1190. §1 It is absolutely wrong to sell sacred relics.

§2 Distinguished relics, and others which are held in great veneration by the people, may not validly be in any way alienated nor transferred on a permanent basis, without the permission of the Apostolic See.

§3 The provision of §2 applies to images which are greatly venerated in any church by the people.

§1. Sacras reliquias vendere nefas est.

§2. Insignes reliquiae itemque aliae, quae magna populi veneratione honorantur, nequeunt quoquo modo valide alienari neque perpetuo transferri sine Apostolicae Sedis licentia.

§3. Praescriptum §2 valet etiam pro imaginibus, quae in aliqua ecclesia magna populi veneratione honorantur.

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